Korda Kamakura Wide Gape X Hooks

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DescriptionPart CodeStock (Derby)Stock (Burton) RRPPriceQTY
Micro Barbed Size 4KAM30 11 0£7.49
Micro Barbed Size 6KAM29 7 1£7.49
Micro Barbed Size 8KAM28 6 1£7.49

Korda Kamakura Wide Gape X Hooks


The Kamakura sharpening process produces a hook point which is every bit as good as a hand-sharpened hook, but without you having to spend all the time and effort involved in doing it yourself – you can be confident that these hooks are perfect every time, straight out of the box.

The Kamakura Wide Gape X is a stepped-up version of this classic pattern, with thicker gauge wire, but featuring a much sharper, finer point than the standard andlsquo;Xandrsquo; hook – it is likely that you will need to change your hook after every fish you catch, due to the points being so delicate. 

It features a slightly in-turned eye, with a short shank, heavily forged bend, and a beaked point. It can be used with a wide variety of different pop-up and bottom bait presentations, and once it goes in it tends to stay in. 

The points are protected by a blob of wax which needs to be carefully removed before use, and they come supplied in a box which holds each individual hook securely in place – you get ten hooks in each box. Barbed and barbless versions are available in size 4, 6, or 8.

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